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  • Longyan Ronghua Carbon Co., Ltd. and Longyan Wanan Activated Carbon Co., Ltd.
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    "Meihuashan" Activated Carbon
            For Air Purification

    "Meihuashan" Wood based granular Activated Carbon


    Longyan Ronghua Carbon Co., Ltd. and Longyan Wanan Activated Carbon Co., Ltd. Founded in the mid-1980s, cover an area of more than 100 acres, are located Longyan industry concentrating area, in the foothills of "Meihuashan", Xinluo district, Longyan, west of Fujian province, about 160 kilometers away from Xiamen port. Jointly producing the high quality Activated Carbon of "Meihuashan" brand. Obtained the Pharmaceutical Production License and well-known trademarks in Longyan city. In 2003 passed the ISO9001:2008 quality system certification, with an annual productive capacity of more than 10000 tons, becoming the key enterprise of Activated Carbon production in Fujian province.

    The company take the advantage of the richest forest resources, coal resources of western Fujian, using the high quality wood charcoal, sawdust and nutshell as raw materials. Products are being produced by physical and chemical activation methods. Product quality is controlled by scientific management system, according to the National Standards CB/T 12496-19999. All indices of the products meet with the national quality standard of all kinds of Activated Carbon. The company produce the powdered and granular Activated Carbon by advanced techniques with the domestic advanced production technology and equipment, the products are widely used in the field of gold purification, alcohol, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, food, purified water, waste water treatment, air purification and so on. The products have been exported to Southeast Asia, Australia, Japan, South America, Europe and so on, gained the high reputation both in the domestic and foreign markets.

    We are looking forward to cooperate with the domestic and foreign customers with the high quality and good reputation.

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